This timeless scarf features waves of black and grey colours alternated with diverse tints of silver-grey. This scarf gives your outfit an immediate luxurious glow.

  • hand-painted pattern, exclusively created for D’AUTAN
  • brush strokes visible on durable silk print
  • black, dark gray, pallet of silver-gray shades
  • double sided carré in pure silk
  • unique clasp

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100% silk, twill weave

120 cm * 120 cm, square     ( 47,24 in * 47,24 in )

Double-sided scarf: 2 scarves attached together give a more voluminous whole

High-quality finish with matching bias ribbon

Delivery in a beautiful scarf box, convient as a storage box or a beatiful gift

Clean gently: check the tag for detailed washing instructions.

Free shipping – Free returns.